【4K】🇯🇵🗼Walking around Nippon Budokan (日本武道館) in Tokyo🎧, Chiyoda City, Japan

I was walking around Nippon Budokan (日本武道館) Budokan (武道館), Tokyo (東京), Chiyoda City (千代田区), Japan (日本).

I was walking around Nippon Budokan (日本武道館) Budokan (武道館), Tokyo (東京), Chiyoda City (千代田区), Japan (日本). 

Nippon Budokan is an indoor arena which was originally built for the Judo (柔道) competition in the 1964 Summer Olympics (1964年東京オリンピック). 

Gratefully, 2020 Summer Olympics (2020 Tokyo Olympics) (2020年東京オリンピック) will be held in this venue for Judo and  Karate (空手道) matches. 

And also 2020 Summer Paralympics (東京2020パラリンピック競技大会) will be held for Judo matches. 

According to the Tokyo Olympic official, the maximum capacity will be 11,000. We will have been hearing all excitements of 11,000 people from these matches in this legendary venue. 

I started to walk from the platform of the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line (東京メトロ東西線) Kudanshita Station (九段下駅). After I got out of the subway just followed the pass for Nippon Budokan. It just needs to pass through Kitanomaru Park (北の丸公園) to get the entrance of Nippon Budokan. Nippon Budokan is still in some construction for the 2020 Summer Olympics. After I checked the entrance of Nippon Budokan, I came back to the entrance of Kitanomaru Park and was done to walk.

If you watch this video, you will not miss the way of Nippon Budokan when you visit there to see exciting Olympic matches for the 2020 Summer Olympics (2020 Tokyo Olympics). 

It was about 17 minutes to walk. I enjoyed it a lot. Please check it out!

Please check the video and more details on Youtube below! Thanks!


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