【4K】🇯🇵🗼Walking around Kaminarimon (雷門), Senso-ji (Temple), Asakusa, Tokyo🎧, Taito City, Japan

I was walking around Kaminarimon (雷門), Senso-ji (an ancient Buddhist temple) (浅草寺), Asakusa (浅草), Taito City (台東区), Tokyo (東京),  Japan (日本) at night.

I got off Subway Ginza Line from Asakusa station and was walking around Kaminarimon (雷門) which correct name is “Furaijinmon” (風雷神門). And then I was passing through those traditional shopping areas (Nakamisedoori (仲見世通り) toward to Senso-ji (浅草寺). After that, I was walking and passing through Hozomon (宝蔵門) and Hondo (本堂) Main Hall (Japanese Buddhism) of Senso-ji (浅草寺). And then I came back to Kaminarimon (雷門).

It was about 25 minutes to walk. I enjoyed it a lot. It was absolutely worth it. Please check it out!

Please check the video and more details on Youtube below! Thanks!