【4K】🇺🇸🌇Walking around Seattle Downtown🎧, Washington, United States (The first day)

During April 2019, I visited Seattle, Washington.

I stayed in Seattle Downtown for three days. I took some videos. Please check them out!

At first, I walked 6th Avenue and Westlake Avenue to 6th Avenue and Wall Street in Seattle Downtown. It’s about 9 minutes of recording. 

Please check the video and more details on Youtube below! Thanks!


Secondly, I walked around 5th Avenue and Battery Street to 5th Avenue and Stewart Street. It’s about 8 minutes of recording. 


For the next, I walked around 5th Avenue and Olive Wy to 5th Avenue and University Street. It’s about 7 minutes of recording.


Continuously, I walked around 5th Avenue and Spring Street to 5th Avenue and Columbia Street. It’s about 4 minutes of recording.


Finally, I got Columbia Center which is the tallest building in Seattle.

And then, I was viewing at Columbia Center. It’s the beautiful architecture I’ve ever seen. Absolutely it’s beautiful. It’s about 1 minute of recording. 


Next, I was viewing at Seattle Municipal Tower (The fourth-tallest building in Seattle). It’s about 1 minute of recording.


Lastly, I walked around Pike Street and 5th Avenue to Pike Street and 7th Avenue. It’s about 3 minutes of recording.


All done! Thank you so much for watching! More details on Youtube!