【4K】🇯🇵⛰️Walking around Narita-san (成田山) Buddhist temple🎧, Japan, Narita, Chiba Prefecture

I was walking around Narita-san (成田山) Buddhist temple, Japan (日本), Narita (成田), Chiba Prefecture (千葉県).

I walked around Narita san (Narita mountain) from JR Narita Station (JR成田駅) through Keisei Narita Station (京成成田駅) to Narita-san (Shinsho-ji) (新勝寺) (Great Main Hall) in Narita-shi (成田市). 

After I got Shinshoji, I came back to JR Narita Station again. Shinsho-ji “New victory temple” is a Shingon Buddhist temple build in 940. 

If you watch this video, you will not miss the way of Narita san from both JR Narita Station and Keisei Narita Station. 

It was cloudy and a bit rainy day. I enjoyed it a lot. 

It was about 46 minutes to walk. Please check it out!

Please check the video and more details on Youtube below! Thanks!