【4K】🇯🇵🗼🎄Illumination🎄Walking around Tokyo Station (東京駅) “Michiteras”🎧, Chiyoda City, Japan

🎄Illumination🎄Walking around Tokyo Station (東京駅) “Michiteras (東京ミチテラス)”, Tokyo (東京), Chiyoda City (千代田区), Japan (日本).

I was walking around Tokyo Station, Marunouchi Exit (丸の内口) at night because such a beautiful illumination (イルミネーション) for Christmas was going on. 

The event is called “Michiteras” which means I guess illumination for the street. 

Anyway, the illumination was beautiful and breathtaking. I guess it’s the best illumination among the Tokyo area. 

I took 2 videos for this such a beautiful event. 

Please check the videos and more details on Youtube below! Thanks!