【4K】🇺🇸🌲Viewing at Portland Downtown🎧, Oregon, United States

During April 2019, I visited Portland, Oregon.

It was a one-day short trip, but I took a couple of videos. Please check them out!

I was viewing at and walking around Burnside Street and Third Ave in Portland Downtown. It’s about 1 minute of recording.

Please check the video and more details on Youtube below! Thanks!


Next, I was viewing at the Portland Downtown central area. It’s also about 1 minute of recording. 


 I was viewing at Portland Downtown from Hawthorne Bridge at night. It’s also about 1 minute of recording. 


On my way go back, I stopped by Nike Headquarters in Beaverton (Near Portland). It’s also about 1 minute of recording. 


All done! Thank you so much for watching! More details on Youtube!